What the heck is Touch Won?!

Touch Won is a multifaceted customer relationship management tool. It empowers business owners to enhance their product sales with promotional advertising and skill-based gaming software services.

How do I get my business to have a Touch Won Portal?

Visit the homepage of www.Touchwon.com  where you will need to apply online towards the bottom.

What is a Touch Won Promo Code?

This is the promo code that you will receive after you get your vendor portal. This promo code will be the code your customers use when registering their account. Your promo code will be unique to your business only and that is what differentiates your Touch Won account from other businesses.

How does a shopper get a Touch Won account?

A shopper can go online and download the Touch Won app on their PC, Android, or Apple product Absolutely FREE They can go to www.Touchwon.com to do this. The shopper, after downloading the app will need to enter your business’ unique promo code. After doing this your will see him or her now registered to your Touch Won CRM.

What is the cost of having Touch Won for my business?

A Touch Won business account is sold by a 30 daysubscription service.The fee will be available during the application process.

What products are sold that you can apply Touch Won promotions?

A business owner typically offers Touch Won promotional credits to products that have a high margin and are $50 or less. Keep in mind you can also off Touch Won promotions as just free interactive play for your customers to enjoy. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions and EULA agreement.

How does a customer transaction look like using Touch Won?

A customer enters their local convenience store. The shopper purchases a case of soda that has a Touch Won sticker on it that reads 500Touch Won points. The shopper pays the store clerk 9.99 plus sales tax for the case of soda. The Touch Won credits of 500 are then applied to that shoppers Touch Won account.

The shopper goes home and logs into their Touch Won app on their phone. Now the customer has 500 Touch Won credits and enters the Promo Lobby of the app. After using their Touch Won Credits in the Promo Lobby the shopper now has in their points section of their app a cash or store rebate applied value of $3.47

The shopper later that day goes back to the store to purchase another case of soda. This business offers either cash back rebate for points redeem or Touch Won store credit. The customer elects to apply it to their case of soda saving over 30% from their original purchase price using Touch Won’s interactive savings platform.

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